Women- thicker, fuller. longer hair. Faster.

Why women need Xcellerate 35

If you’re ready for fuller, younger-looking hair, you’ve come to the right place. Xcellerate 35 is the most advanced and proven brand for hair regrowth. Xcellerate 35 topical hair serum is clinically proven to give you faster, fuller, longer hair results.

Women who lose hair volume and length often suffer from hereditary hair loss factors. This process causes hair follicles to shrink in thickness. Each growth cycle produces shorter, finer hairs until growth ceases. Hereditary hair loss disrupts the hair growth cycle over time. So while you may see hair growing, when left untreated, your follicles will continue to shrink and produce thinner and thinner hair.

Xcellerate 35 penetrates the scalp to reinvigorate thinning follicles by increasing their size and revives those hair follicles and increases their length and size, helping women to regrow thicker, beautiful hair.